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 "I took acoustic guitar lessons in this studio, under the capable guidance of Bob Ferguson. He helped me build a solid foundation in guitar playing, by building on my already-existing skills in reading music (from my previous lifelong piano training) and helping me do the same for guitar. I also enjoyed listening to Bob's NPR programme, Guitar Showcase, whilst living in the Fort Wayne area. I highly recommend Bob Ferguson and his studio to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar, as he will help build a strong foundation in music and technique, for any style of guitar playing."

Francis S
"I have virtually no musical talent. However, I worked with Bob for several year. Bob was extremely patient and very encouraging throughout my studies. Bob would listen to my interests and tailor my lessons for the music I wanted. During the lesson he would score the music to my level and to my interest and it kept my interest and enthusiasm at a high level. I would give Bob very high marks for his ability to teach at seemingly every level. Thanks Bob for your work and it was a great experience just knowing you."

Phillip C
"Bob Ferguson taught my boys how to play guitar and helped me refine my understanding of guitar music. His teaching method is fluid and customized to the student. You will learn so much at very reasonable rates. If you want to learn how to play guitar, you have found the very best!"

Robert S.
"Best teacher by far of the three I've had. I wish I would have gone to Bob first! Highly recommended."

Phillip C
“The best guitarist in the Fort Wayne area, and the instructor for many of the aspiring acoustic musicians you see playing."

Three Rivers Review
“Ferguson is an outstanding classical guitarist and instructor 
of guitar.”

The Art Scene
“He has a natural flair for doing the right thing melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically.”

Herbert N - The News Sentinel
“Ferguson's performance produced glances of amazement among the patrons.”

Steve G - The News Sentinel
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